Psychological impact and rehabilitation conferences

Emotional issues like depression, anxiety and fear arise in women during treatment as well as after


In younger breast cancer survivors, changes in appearance and sexuality have been stressful and for some women chemotherapy has caused early menopause which is very distressing on its own. Being diagnosed with breast cancer, it leaves a devastating effect on the mental health of women, and also makes difficult for women to cope up with it. Rehabilitation aims to provide total physical as well as metal stability and support to cope with the patient’s sufferings. Post surgical period is a tough time to cope with for the patient as well as the family members. Some go through a lot of physical pain as well as psychological disturbances.


Cancer cell biology, Types of tumour, breast anatomy and tumour growth, types of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer, BRCA mutations, symptoms of breast cancer, screening and diagnosis of breast cancer, biopsy and pathology, treatment of breast cancer with respect to its type, prevention of breast cancer, risk factors of a particular type of breast cancer,

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