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Breast reconstruction gives the option of gaining back the shape of the removed breast after breast cancer surgery in which the entire breast has been removed to treat or prevent breast cancer(mastectomy). Breast cancer reconstruction is done through surgery which can be done immediately after or at the time of mastectomy known as immediate reconstruction or can be done after complete breast cancer therapy known as delayed reconstruction. surgical breast cancer process is carried out through different methods like use of breast implants, rebuilding using autologous tissue, sometimes use of both breast implants and autologous tissue. Breast reconstruction surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon.

There are some factors which affect the breast reconstruction surgery such as radiation therapy, the type of breast cancer, woman’s age, health and other habits like smoking, history of past surgeries, location of tumour and most important is healing after surgery, if healing is not proper then any type of Breast reconstruction can fail.

Immediate reconstruction in done simultaneously along with mastectomy only in the absence of other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy after surgery.

Delayed reconstruction is done after completion of other treatments, the delayed time may range from 3-4 weeks in case of chemotherapy and 4-6 weeks in case of radiation therapy in order to reduce the complications and risk factors which might interfere with Breast reconstruction surgery.

Immediate-delayed reconstruction involves combination of both the procedures of immediate and delayed reconstruction. It involves two surgeries, in the first one a tissue expander is placed under the chest muscle and breast skin after mastectomy and the other surgery for Breast reconstruction is done after all other treatments are finished.

After surgery a follow up care is must, in which physical examination of the reconstructed breast and any side effects are looked after.



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