Gene functions and genomics of breast cancer Conferences

All the DNA contained in the nucleus of our cells makes up your genome. Inside the nucleus of the cells, the genome is packaged into two sets of chromosomes: one set from your mother and one set from your father. The DNA in the chromosomes contains genes, which encode foe a specific function in our body, in the alphabet of our genes there are four letters: A, C, G and T and they are arranged in a particular sequence. Genomics is the study of the sequence of these letters in your DNA and how each particular genes passes information to help each cell in your body work properly.

These chromosomesare composed DNA.  All Cancer arise as a result of changes that have occurred or mutations in the DNA sequence of the genomes of cancer cells. Cancer cells  contain several gene mutations and it results in defective cell. This abnormality in cell division can result either when active oncogenes are expressed or when the tumor suppressor genes are lost.  Over years of time a lot of new things have been learnt about these mutations and the abnormal genes that operate in human cancer are understood well. Cancer research has helped a lot in moving into an era in which it will be possible to obtain the complete DNA sequence of large numbers of cancer genomes and has contributed a lot to understand the different types of cancers. Cancer research and genome sequencing studies has provided us with a detailed and comprehensive perspective on how individual cancers have developed.


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