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There are both survivors and sufferers of breast cancer. Case studies are meant to broaden the knowledge about breast cancer regarding to the nursing interventions and medical management. It includes in detailed study of a patient with various assessment strategies which includes present illness, past medical history, family medical history, gynecological and social history. People today are aware of the issues associated with breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness efforts have helped people learn what their risk factors are, how they can reduce their level of risk, what symptoms they should look for and what kind of screening they should be getting. Breast health education must make a girl/woman completely aware of the preventive methods in order to reduce the risk factors.


Cancer cell biology, Types of tumour, breast anatomy and tumour growth, types of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer, BRCA mutations, symptoms of breast cancer, screening and diagnosis of breast cancer, biopsy and pathology, treatment of breast cancer with respect to its type, prevention of breast cancer, risk factors of a particular type of breast cancer,

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Oncology (breast cancer) Students, Scientists and Researchers and Academicians, Doctors, radiologist, oncology therapist, pathologist, Breast cancer Associations and Foundations, Medical Institutes, Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies, Young Research fellow, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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