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Cell within a tumor that possess the capacity to self-renew and have been identified a small population of cancer stem cells within breast cancer. It has heterogeneous lineages of breast cancer cells that comprise the tumor. Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of the cancer-related deaths in women worldwide of. Using cells from primary Breast cancer and metastatic pleural effusions, they demonstrated that as few as a hundred cells expressing the adhesion molecule CD44, the epithelial surface antigen,  and did not express CD24 or it was low-expressed were able to sustain growth when injected into mammary fat pads of non-obese diabetic severe combined immune deficient immunocompromised mice.

 Although in recent years, Breast cancer treatment options have been increasing exponentially, the treatment resistance and different side effects increased the necessity to find new therapy treatments to overcome resistance in patients with this malignancy. Breast cancer stem cells have been related to chemo resistance and BC relapse. It has been described that Breast cancer stem cells survive treatment and are the cause of tumor release. Therefore, a high proportion of Breast Cancer stem cells have been associated with poor outcome. So, many studies have focused on Breast cancer stem cells analysis as well as on the identification of new drugs capable of eradicating this population.The origin of BCSCs have stirred much controversy among researchers. Current experimental evidence proposed different theories about the origin of BCSCs, in which stem cells, progenitor cells or differentiated cells can be a potential model for BCSC formation. Gratifyingly, improvement in recent advances of breast cancer screening methods and treatment strategies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy contribute to a significant eradication of primary tumor bulk, thereby increasing chances of survival for breast cancer patients. However, despite available interventions, patients under remission may still develop breast cancer relapse and metastasis Accumulating evidence suggests that the underlying presence of a small subpopulation of undifferentiated cells, termed breast cancer stem cells, are most likely give rise to tumor progression, spreading and resistance to conventional therapy.


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