Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Rachel Schiff

Baylor College of Medicine, United States

  • Title Of Presentation : TBA

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Alan Prem Kumar

Assistant Professor, Singapore

  • Title Of Presentation : DEAD-box RNA Helicase DP103 Predicts Statin Sensitivity in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Dr. Alan Prem Kumar earned his Ph.D. from University of North Texas, USA. From his Ph.D. work, he discovered a novel regulatory protein, PyrR for the pyrimidine biosynthetic pathway in Pseudomonas. Because pyrimidine biosynthesis is an essential step in the progression of secondary Pseudomonas infections, PyrR presents an attractive anti-pseudomonal drug target. Dr. Kumar then pursued Postdoctoral training in Cancer Research at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, California, USA. He was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship for his work on the role of nuclear receptors in the transcriptional regulation of human myeloperoxidase, a leukocyte enzyme implicated as causative agent in atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Kumar relocated back to Singapore to join the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore as an independent Principal Investigator to continue on his expertise on nuclear receptor signaling in cancer biology. His current research focus in the areas of signaling by nuclear receptors and oncogenes in breast tumor cells as well as the development of molecular therapeutics and biomarkers of drug action in breast cancer. Over the years, Dr. Kumar and his group have forged relationships with scientists and oncologists in cancer research and with cancer advocacy groups in Singapore. 

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Siqi Guo

Old Dominion University, United States

  • Title Of Presentation : Vaccine and abscopal effects result from in situ vaccination with nanosecond electric pulse treatment for breast cancer in mice

Siq Guo, MD, was graduated from Zhejing University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China. He has completed 3 postdoctoral trainings at Department of Pathology of UAB, Department of Microbiology & Immunology of VCU and Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics of ODU. His research focus is nanosecond electric pulse induced immune response and enhanced electric pulse technology for gene transfer and cancer therapy. His research was funded by NIH, Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation and Pulse Biosciences, Inc. His research work has been published in Journal of Immunology, International Journal of Cancer, Scientific Report, etc.

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Justin Sturge

University of Hull, UK

  • Title Of Presentation : Control of the EMT suppressor-promoter Endo180 at the subcellular level by MMP-2 and bisphosphonates reveals a molecular basis for the evolution of metastasis

Dr Justin Sturge is Reader in Biomedical Science at the University of Hull. Former appointments include: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Hull (2012-2016), Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London (2006-2011); and Post-Doctorate at Institute of Cancer Research, London, (2001-2006) and King's College London (1998-2001). His PhD was conducted at Imperial College London (1996-1998). He is Principal Investigator on projects funded by Worldwide Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Now, Prostate Cancer UK, Hull and East Yorkshire & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trusts, Rosetrees Trust, Chinese Scholarship Council and Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Ricardo Moutinho Guilherme

Portuguese resident Medical Doctor at USF Cynthia, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Title Of Presentation : Correlation between Apparent Diffusion Coefficient values in breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging and prognostic factors of breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Ricardo is a Portuguese resident Medical Doctor at USF Cynthia, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal. Studied Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Faculty of Pharmacy (Porto University) in Portugal. Graduated in Medicine by the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain. He published his work about the “Correlation Between Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values in Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Prognostic Factors of Breast Invasive Ductal Carcinoma” on July 2018 in the “Porto Biomedical Journal”. Received the CIMQ17 1st prize award on best investigational work in 2017, by the Faculty of Medicine of Compostela University in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Jose Roberto Morales Piato

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Title Of Presentation : Improved frozen section examination of the retroareolar margin for prediction of nipple involvement in breast cancer

Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from Pontifical Catholic University of Companies (1992) and Doctorate and PhD at Gynecology and Obstetrics from University of Sao Paulo.

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Peter Solar

Pavol Jozef Safarik University , Slovakia

  • Title Of Presentation : Human erythropoietin receptor signalization is essential for paclitaxel resistance

Peter Solar, Assoc. Prof., Sc.D., Ph.D., is an associated professor at the Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovak Republic. He graduated in Biology at the Faculty of Science, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice. He has a particular interest in the resistance of cancer cell to different therapies. He is evaluating the role of erythropoietin receptor in the proliferation and the progression of human ovarian and breast cancer cells. Dr. Solár has authored or co-authored over 60 original manuscripts (Scopus, PubMed, or Web of Science).

Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Reni S. Butler

Yale School of Medicine , United States

  • Title Of Presentation : Digital Breast Tomosynthesis – What Have We Learned?

Dr. Butler received her residency training in Diagnostic Radiology and fellowship in Breast Imaging at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. After 10 years in private practice in the Chicago area, she returned to academic medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital and joined the medical faculty of Yale School of Medicine in 2009. Dr. Butler’s areas of research interest include digital breast tomosynthesis, screening breast ultrasound, and 3T breast MRI. In addition, she served as national co-PI for a multi-institutional clinical trial of opto-acoustic breast imaging, recognized as a high-impact clinical trial at the 2017 meeting of the RSNA and published in Radiology and the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Dr. Butler has actively pursued a teaching role at Yale and within the radiology community at large. After completing a medical education fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine, she founded the Yale Undergraduate Shadowing Program at the Smilow Breast Center, which provides early exposure to medicine for pre-medical students at Yale College. She participated in revising the medical school curriculum of the Yale School of Medicine, where she teaches first-year medical students, introducing Diagnostic Radiology in early medical education. Dr. Butler has received awards for excellence in teaching from her own residents at Yale and held several visiting professorships in Connecticut at community hospital-based residency programs. She has lectured at regional, national, and international CME meetings and served on national committees, including the RSNA Breast Imaging Exhibit Review Panel and ARRS Education Evaluation Committee. Dr. Butler is also a reviewer for the European Journal of RadiologyActa Radiological, and Radiographics, for which she has received multiple Editor’s Recognition Awards.




Global Expert discussion on Breast Cancer spekers Genoteq Healthcare

Dr. Aldines de Sousa Almeida

Federal University of Amapa, Brazil

  • Title Of Presentation : The Prevalence of Breast Cancer in Patients of a Mastology Clinic From an Amazonian Hospital

Aldines de Sousa Almeida graduated in Medical School from the Integral Differential College (FACID) (2016). She is currently a resident doctor of the 3 year (R3) of the Federal University of Amapa, working at the Mother Luzia Women's Hospital and São Camilo do Amapa Hospital. Affiliated to the Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the State of Amapa.




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