Pathology of Breast cancer conferences

Removal of cells or tissue from the suspicious area of an organ or body part under sterile conditions by a pathologist or surgeon in order to diagnose the health problem of a person is known as biopsy. The removed cells or tissue are studied under specialised microscope and identify the abnormalities like presence of cancer in them.

Breast biopsy and lymph node biopsy are the diagnostic method for identification of breast cancer.

Biopsies are of two types (a) Needle biopsy and (b) Surgical biopsy. Needle biopsy uses a hollow needle for removal of cells or tissue samples from the body part where as in surgical biopsy an incision or cut is made to remove the cells or tissues sample.

Breast biopsy is a surgical method for removal of cells or tissues of the breast and it is carried out in different ways like fine needle biopsy, core needle biopsy, stereotactic biopsy, wire localised biopsy, punch biopsy all of these come under both needle biopsy and surgical biopsy. Lymph node biopsy removes lymph node for identification of cancer.

Pathology is based on the diagnosis determined by examination of cells and tissues under a microscope. Pathology report gives the identified information in the form of a document which contains the information about the size, shape and appearance of the specimen an also identifies the disease and helps in determining the treatment options. A pathology report is prepared by a pathologist within ten days after the biopsy or surgery and is sent to doctor with all the diagnostic reports like microscopic description of the sample and its comparison with the normal cells, the type of tumor, tumor grade, tumor size, tumor margins, lymph node status, presence or absence of metastases, estrogen receptor status, progesterone receptor status, HER2 status, Oncotype DX score.

Pathology of Breast Cancer Sessions:

These are the key topics that are discussed in Pathology of Breast cancer conference:

Biopsy, Types of biopsy, Procedures and methods in biopsy, Pathology, Histopathology, Cytopathology, Tumor grading,

Target Audience :

Oncology (breast cancer) Students, Scientists and Researchers and Academicians, Doctors, Radiologist, Oncology therapist, Pathologist, Breast cancer Associations and Foundations, Medical Institutes, Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies, Young Research fellow, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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