Breast tumour conferences

particular area. These swelling are known as tumours, when one of such tumours start growing in breast they are termed as breast tumours. Depending upon the nature of the cells these tumours are classified as Benign and Malignant tumours.

Benign tumour are also known as non-cancerous tumours, this condition is reported to exist when the tumours formed consists of cells which do no spread to other parts of the body hence they are not life threatening. These tumours are simply removed with surgery. These tumours include Fibro adenomas, Intraductal papilloma, Phylloides tumours, lipoma, haemangioma, hamartoma, adenoma, neurofibroma, granular cell tumour.

Malignant tumours are also known as cancerous tumours which are life threatening, as these cancerous cells grow rapidly, spread to other parts of the body and destroy nearby tissues and organs. When he cancerous cells of the malignant tumour start spreading to other parts of the body then they are said to be metastasize.  Most of the breast cancer cases reported have malignant type of tumours and the severity of the disease is confirmed through biopsy of the breast tissue and tumour grading. Tumour grading identifies the type of malignant tumour formed, their aggressiveness and predicts its nature for metastasis. Tumour grading facilitates to direct the treatment accordingly.

Breast Tumour Sessions:

These are the key topics that are discussed in Breast tumour sessions:

Cancer cell biology, Types of tumour, breast anatomy and tumour growth, types of breast cancer, Tumour grading,

Target Audience :

Oncology (breast cancer) Students, Scientists and Researchers and Academicians, Doctors, radiologist, oncology therapist, pathologist, Breast cancer Associations and Foundations, Medical Institutes, Medical Devices Manufacturing Companies, Young Research fellow, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries.

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